Sunday, July 4, 2010

pressing questions.

what I want to know is:

why is it, exactly, that I don't live in Big Sur?

why does a toddler sleep through the entire crashing finale of a fireworks show but wake instantly the moment he arrives home and you want to sleep?

is there no one on earth who can keep up with me on a hike through the mountains?

who invented needlepoint, and WHY?

will SMC ever offer a psychology class that doesn't mysteriously fill up BEFORE it is even opened for registration?

is it okay to fall in love with someone when you know that you would just complicate their life beyond recognition?


  1. Wherever you are is where you're supposed to be.

    Toddlers are evil and possessed by spirits.

    I am sure there is at least one person on the planet that could keep up with you, but where?

    Needlepoint? No idea. Ditto SMC.

    Falling in love is always okay. It's what were programmed to do! I hope this helps. Can't wait to see the other answers!!!

  2. Because you don't think you deserve to.

    Because of what Shelayna said.

    Yes, but you are meant to lead.

    A lady in a cabin on a prairie.