Monday, August 30, 2010

small kindnesses.

A woman sitting behind us on the bus to Malibu made faces to calm a wailing Anainn. When that stopped working, she gave him a cookie, and then a juice box. She told me not to worry, they grow up fast.

Xir, catching tadpoles in the creek, scooped up a drowning dragonfly and set him to dry on a boulder.

My friend, who started back at work today, phoned me to offer the reassurance that it's not all that bad. She wanted to spare me two days of dread before I start in again on Wednesday.

Two people offered my toddler-toting self a seat on the extremely crowded bus home.

Xir ran ahead of me as we walked from the bus stop and ducked into the entrance of a candle store to hide. I followed him in, and the proprietor offered both Xir and Anainn little battery-powered votives to carry home.

Hanging from the doorknob was a little sack of croissants and english muffins from my sainted landlady.

Would any of you be interested in sharing your insights into nostalgia with my dear friend Sarah? She is a freelance journalist writing an article about it...this is her request for interviews.

Quote of the day: "I'm glad I'm living."

-Xir, apropos of nothing.

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