Tuesday, May 17, 2011


They define themselves, I guess, leaving us entirely out of it. So I collapse back into the softness of this weather, letting life pass by for a while, letting decisions rest while I try to change pain into art. Or maybe not art--vindictive folk-hop would be a better name for it.

A long time ago when I was trying to learn the greek dance Kritikos, my teacher explained it this way: "you lose your balance at the beginning, and you stay just off-balance all the way until the end."


Christopher Phoenix, this one's for you: (adult language warning!)


  1. okay, I keep wanting to take this off because it makes me laugh and cringe simultaneously to listen to it, but in the name of honesty I'll leave it up. It's an ugly side of me, but it's a side of me, so up it stays. Ugh.

  2. It's great! You really DO do everything! One of the TRUE Renaissance women I know!!! xoxo