Monday, June 14, 2010

why anainn is wonderful.

He makes his own lunch: wandering the garden, plucking and eating collard greens, snap peas, and borage leaves. He watches me washing diapers in the tub outside and then carefully brings his socks over, dunks and rinses them, squeezes them out, and tries for close to ten minutes to reach the clothesline to hang them up. He walks all the way to Trader Joe's with me and half the way back, carrying some groceries even, then sits down plumb in the middle of the sidewalk to play unhurriedly with a little berry he saw. He beats his chest and roars whenever we see a picture of a monkey. If someone says "horse" he immediately lowers himself into the 'horse' martial arts stance.

The words he knows are: ball, dog, bowl, water, flower, monkey, and kiss. These are really fun words to make sentences with.

If I hurt his feelings he screws up his face and juts out his lower lip, takes a few shuddering breaths, and then shakes quietly until I come over and kiss him, at which point all is instantly forgiven.

He put himself to sleep tonight by pulling the bedding as far out of the closet as it would go and collapsing into it. Sometimes when he is sleeping, he giggles.


  1. Hi Dweller! Reading about your boys reminds me of what people said about my sister and I in our toddling years. I was the quiet one sticking close to mom and she was the wild, older one running amok. I can't begin to explain how wonderful it is for me to have a window's view on your little tribe.

    I've been lurking here over the weekend since L talked about it in the car! She was right - it's better than TV. Actually, I don't think she said that, bad comparison. It's radio hours once replaced the hearth. Not too long ago I finally realized that must be the reason Gramma always said she wanted to *listen* to her soap (General Hospital).

    I want to listen to the dweller every day!

  2. Wow, your little one is growing in the greatest of way.Not surprising, considering the source!-Shelayna

  3. Thank you for this post. All that painting is helping your writing, I think. I can see EVERYTHING that you describe because of how you put those words together. You could make anyone fall in love with him and with humans in general. That's pretty valuable.