Tuesday, September 28, 2010

some combination of these factors...

what i have been doing instead of writing here:

riding a train to san luis obispo to wander in yarn stores, read up on personality theory, and spill the beans to my sometime-boyfriend about The Way Things Are.

having my wallet lifted on the bus home. no money, no credit cards, no i.d. But lots of id.

taking 12 credits of classes, all in the evening, and returning home most nights past 11...with four hours worth of homework.

deciding to go to court for full custody.

planning the trajectory of a life and the birthday party of an almost-6-year-old simultaneously.

finding more questions than answers in each new thing I learn.

and yes, I know ALL about repression, denial, and rationalization thank you very much. I have a quiz on them tomorrow...


  1. I've missed your posts! But what you are doing sounds fascinating, time-consuming, and absolutely worthwhile (except for the wallet part - blech...that just happened to my other friend last week!! wtf). I look forward to hearing more about it all! Until next time...

  2. Pele, did i really see somewhere that you are into RC or was that just a dream?

    if so we must talk. well. we must talk anyway.

  3. Yes, I "liked" it on fb after I read about it here...on my favorite newssource "12x12" !!