Saturday, September 11, 2010

tell me something true.

One unexpected side effect of the weekend-long role-playing extravaganza was that my brain got so involved with creating my fictional character/persona that it used up all my deception. That meant, there was no dishonesty left to play roles or games in my "real" life, and all my interactions got a lot more straightforward. I had some great insights into my own life because I didn't even have the deceptive energy to hide things from myself!

Which was a lovely change of pace. And the sense of opening up, of rampant possibility is a little heady right now.

So I am going to say a truthful thing here, every day, and I invite you to do the same. It's good for you!

Here goes:

I wanted to cry on the bus ride home yesterday but I was too intimidated by the driver. So I held it in, walking as quickly as I could to get home before it spilled out. But when I got here I didn't feel like crying anymore. I was really disappointed.

Your turn...

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