Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i wish my guest house had a guest house.

If I had to consolidate my complaints about not-so-spacious living into one all-encompassing whinge, it would probably be about how difficult it is to entertain. I am a social creature. I thrive on merriment, banter, conversation over fresh-baked bread. I am sure there is a way to be a gracious hostess in my hovel....just haven't figured it out yet!

Sure, there's the difficulty of hacking out a sleeping space for overnight guests. But there are other problems too, ones that are not at all apparent at first.

1) There is no place to change in privacy, for you or your guest.
2) There is no place to retreat should either of you need a quiet moment or wish to take a nap.
3) Bedtime is awkward.
4) There is no place for the guest's luggage. At. All.
5) There are not enough dishes for guests. Additional dishes purchased for guest must be disposed of post-visit because there is not enough room for them in the cupboards.
6) Trying to cook any quantity of food in my tiny kitchen quickly becomes problematic, as does finding enough space for everyone to sit down and eat it.

How grateful I am, then, for the extraordinary heat wave that enabled me to sleep outside for the duration of my guest's visit! In my sleeping bag under the pergola I had such sweet and illuminating dreams that I intend to continue dreaming al fresco as long as the weather allows.

But. I fully intend to hold at least one full-on, all-out dinner/poetry/champagne party here before the year is up. I welcome any and all suggestions for how to make this happen. And, naturally, you're all invited. Even you, dear Canadian readers, whoever you are. I must admit, I'm curious.

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  1. I was just going to say, don't forget your outdoor room! We have a guest now, and I thought, "Oh, yeah that nice spot near the vegetables is our living room!"