Wednesday, April 13, 2011


i just realized that my first post to this blog was april 20th, 2010. my original plan was to write for one year about the experience of living in this little house. things changed, as they do, and this blog became more of an online chronicle of my experience of life in general. and i certainly did not write every day. or mention the house that often!

but still. i believe occasions ought to be marked, and i'd like to mark this one. i think i'll have a party in the yard, with a fire and libations and conversation about all of the things that life throws at us. those of you who live nearby (whether i've met you or not!) and/or think you might want to come, comment with suggested dates and times, and i'll put something together!

love, dweller


  1. Wow! Has an entire year actually gone by?! I can't believe it, Dweller! Congratulations! I'm somewhat flexible with times, and I'd love to mark this occasion with you!

  2. well shelayna and i are going to kick it down ALL ALONE if we have to and we are going to LOVE it! right shelayna? ha!