Wednesday, April 27, 2011


It would seem that many of us are going through transitions, dreaming and wondering and working steadily on what is going to happen next.

Here is one immediate happening: two Thursdays from now, the 12th of May, I am going to hold a gathering here at the 12x12. There will be drinks and desserts and a driftwood fire. Paints and collage materials and instruments and paper will be available. The idea goes something like this: we all get hyped up on sugar (and fermented sugar) and then get into the making of art. Anyone can make anything: collage, painting, poetry, music, pottery---just to mark this year gone by and work out some ideas about what we want to happen in the next one. I am thinking around 7 pm. 3549 Wesley St. Culver City, near Venice and National. Let me know if you plan to come! Bring art supplies/poetry books/anything that might inspire you.

And the greatest is sublimation, for through sublimation our pain and our mental confusion may be transformed into great works of art, into the very guideposts that may help others to avoid these same miseries...


  1. Hmmm... It's the Art of the doodle that night too, and I'm supposed to be volunteering... I'll have to see what I can do! I want to see the space that inspired such a magical, memorable blog, and hope som eof that magic rubs off on me!!!

  2. Shelayna! They don't deserve you. They really don't.

    But....come on by whenever you can. And if you can't make it that night, we'll work something out.

  3. But it has to be the 12th because of the name of the blog!!! Don't you see?!

    Of course people are more important than questionable numerological significance. So we'll have to add a tea party or something else, at another time, when you very vital folk can make it.

  4. I'll be there and I'm bringing chocolate cake!