Monday, April 18, 2011

music for a full moon

It has been an extremely rough day. Knocked the tar right out of me, enough so that I am now feeling limp enough to post a few of my songs here. These are the kind of songs I write. Not rock star material, really. But kind of nice to listen to under the light of the moon. Anyway, being brave is a great tonic.

(this next video is just a song, no picture. i couldn't figure out any other way to upload it. c'mon, after the day i've had, the fact that i am staring at a computer screen instead of the bottom of a whiskey bottle is testament to the doggedness of my puritanical upbringing!)


  1. You really are a Renaissance woman!!! I am so blown away! Beautiful!

  2. Okay, that second one... written for all of us. Thank you. Your voice is like heaven, your guitar is perfect, your lyrics are genius. I want to listen to it all day.